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With offices in Hawaii and Silicon Valley, we help companies build market presence, connect with customers, shape perceptions, and drive demand. 

Our clients are startups, early-stage businesses and emerging companies that need expert, creative and nimble PR & marketing consulting, content development, brand storytelling, and media relations.

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Select ZingPR and you get deep experience across many industries, a blend of marketing skills, broad media connections, and imaginative brand storytelling.

We've launched hundreds of companies and products: from clever Kickstarter campaigns to kick-ass enterprise software. We connect with hundreds of media outlets and journalists to score valuable coverage for our clients. Beyond PR, we can help you jump-start your user base, or grow it to new heights, and place your executives on the podium at high-profile conferences.

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Tim Cox

Strategy and media relations

Tim has 17 years’ agency experience, as well as corporate marketing experience with Apple. He has helped dozens of startups develop a coherent content and media communications strategy that boosts market awareness, reaches target audiences, and engages and educates the people our clients most need to reach: investors, partners and customers. He specializes in company and product positioning,  media strategy, and media relations.

Austin Edgington

Brand story development

Austin has more than 15 years’ branding, marketing and public relations experience for emerging companies and Fortune 500s. He has both agency and corporate experience. He led the initial analyst relations program for Tivoli (acquired by IBM), worked closely with Eric Schmidt and other senior executives to tell their story to the media, and has led innovative PR campaigns around the globe.

Shirley Gines

Executive thought leadership

Shirley has 25 years' experience creating successful communications and marketing campaigns that support the business objectives of Fortune 500s and technology startups. She leads a team focused on executive thought leadership, placing CEOs and other C-suite executives on premier industry stages that matter. Her strategic counsel and sustained marketing programs focus on the ability of a company to reach important audiences. Shirley taught a class at Stanford called “New PR Strategies to Propel Startups.”


Life coach

Walter is good at sniffing out things to play with, chasing soft toys, walkies, and sleeping. With his innate curiosity, we thought he might be good at media research, but he turned out to be terrible at that.

In any event, as a professional emotional support dog (yes, really, he is), Walter is adept at reminding us that there is more to life than PR.

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